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Our academic program develops critical thinkers, proficient writers, and confident leaders.

学生s have an opportunity to challenge themselves within a rigorous academic curriculum. We encourage 学生 to analyze course materials, integrate what they have learned from all subjects, and express thoughts confidently while demonstrating mastery of the discipline. Mercy equips 学生 with the knowledge, dedication and confidence to reach their greatest potential.

在怜悯, rigor isn’t about more work or harder work - it’s about providing depth and breadth to challenge 学生’ thinking in new ways. 学生s should be participants in their own 学习; through self-evaluation, they can assess what skills they can build on and what weaknesses they can strengthen. 

As a college-preparatory program, Mercy graduates 学生 that go on to succeed in post-secondary education and beyond. 访问我们的 College Acceptances page to explore the kinds of schools our 学生 attend. 

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Classroom Instruction

Mercy Faculty employ re搜索-based strategies for instruction and assessment to enhance student motivation, 学习, 和成就. The ultimate goal of assessment is for 学生 to take ownership of their 学习 and growth.

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We are committed to the professional growth of our teachers, investing significant time, 能源, and financial resources in order to stay closely connected to educational best practices. Our Faculty are challenged to continuously learn, 改善, and develop innovative ways to engage 学生! 

Innovative Instruction at Mercy

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